Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Yes To Changes: Areas For Improvement In Business

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A business has dozens of moving parts. Company owners and leaders know this. Many areas constantly need supervision. True business visionaries will see this as a good thing since it means all these areas are in a state of perpetual improvement. A company that keeps on improving and changing with the times will always beat out a company that is stagnant. This is true in life in general, and this is true in business.

One of the best examples of an area in a company that should be ever-improving is the tech it uses. Whether the business is a farm or a call center, owners should always invest in the latest tech to avoid being left behind by the competition.

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Human resources is another area that needs overseeing. The head of this department should be aware of all the changes in government requirements and permits. HR heads should work closely with the company accountant to make sure they are up to date with taxes as well.

Finally, office facilities themselves have to be conducive to working. An office can’t afford not to replace chairs that are worn and broken. Employees need facilities that are at least ergonomic and conducive to working for them to do their job. If they complain about any physical pain they feel from the office facilities, these things have to replaced immediately.

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Getting to know the MBTA

If people who reside in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, find daily commute convenient, they have the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or MBTA, to thank for that. Although the MBTA wasn’t always the body responsible for public transportation in the city. 

Image source: MBTA.com

Back in the day, independent private companies owned and operated public transportation in Boston. A huge change occurred in 1947 when many of these companies folded up and became an agency called the Metropolitan Transit Authority or MTA. It was only in 1964 that the organization was renamed the MBTA and established as its own department as part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Several decades later, in 2009, the MBTA became part of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation or MassDOT. 

The MBTA is one of two transit agencies in the United States that make use of the five major types of mass transit vehicles on land – light rail vehicles, heavy rail trains, regional rail trains, electric trolleybuses, and motor buses. On an average, all the vehicles of the MBTA make around 410,357 trips each weekday. Its subway line averages approximately 210,000. 

Another important detail to note is that the MBTA consumes the most electricity in the state of Massachusetts and owns the second-most land. It also has its own law enforcement group in the form of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police. 

Image source: MBTA.com

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Business Development Trends Of 2017

For businesses to thrive, there must be due emphasis and attention given to growth and expansion. But the developmental aspect of any business can only be realized if one actively watches for trends in the market and engages in reassessing models, strategies, and processes to keep up with the evolution of tracking company progress. The world now shifts and moves with an undeniable agility that surely affects how businesses conduct their operations. To leverage available technologies and techniques can greatly improve a company's prospect.

One trend that has been proven to bring growth and development to participating businesses is engagement in various strategic integration and long-term acquisitions for well-planned expansions. Broadening the scope of one's product offerings and services can boost the business in many ways. These partnerships and amplifications, in most cases, are necessary responses to a fluid and mercurial market.

Across industries, accommodating the demands of the new generation of clients and possible employees and leaders seems to be a primary concern. Taking note of the millennials’ preference for sustainability, health and wellness, diversity, and a strong advocacy culture in general can bring growth to a company both in terms of satisfying consumers and attracting talented future leaders to become part of the organization.

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Exciting new ways and channels for funding and investments can secure a company's viability. From startups looking for more accessible funding opportunities to established companies leveraging media and online relationships with existing customer bases to gain perspectives on product development, crowdfunding offers a lot of flexibility and networking mileage.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Three Most Important Parts Of The Income Statement

The income statement, also known as profit and loss statement (P&L), reports a specific company’s revenue, expenses, and net income over a period of time. It is a reflection of how much money the firm made during that period, a crucial information for investors as well as the management itself.

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The operating section of this report includes revenue and expenses, while the non-operating section comprises revenues and gains from non-primary business activities. The bottom line is the net income calculated after subtracting the expenses from revenue.

Here are its three most important parts:

Gross profit

This shows revenues, or sales of goods and services, minus the cost of goods or how much was spent producing or acquiring the sold items. It excludes other expenses yet it reflects correct product pricing or too much discounting. This number is best compared against those in previous reports in order to track trends. The data here is also used to come up with gross margins, or the ratio of gross profits to net sales.

Operating expenses

This section shows the cost of doing business, not including costs of production. It includes salaries, benefits, rent, advertising, utilities, other operating costs, and even depreciation. Some of these are fixed while others are variable.

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Net earnings

This is the bottom line, showing how much profit or loss the company achieved in that period. This figure needs to be compared with previous periods and against the budget. This data, too, calculates net margin, the ratio of net earnings to net sales.

A deeper look at the different sections offer potential explanations if the firm did not hit its revenue goals or exceeded its budget for expenses. The income statement, after all, gathers these important metrics and establishes the areas that require special attention.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Effects Of Company Mergers On Consumers

Mergers give companies plenty of advantages, from cost savings to opportunities for larger market shares. These kinds of transactions also redound to customers in various ways, such as the following:

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Prices, after mergers and acquisitions, can either go up or down. Because of the removal of at least one competitor in the market, the remaining companies can apply a coordinated price increase. However, merged companies can also lower their prices, if they decide to pass on the cost savings to their customers.

Customer service

Customer service is generally enhanced after a merger because the merged entity would be able to deliver improved products or services at a more efficient rate. Smaller companies, which previously had no access to the facilities and strategies of large businesses, will be able to enhance their products or services. There are instances, however, where mergers and acquisitions have negative implications on customer service, especially during the beginning stages of the transaction.

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Consumer choices can also change in two ways after a merger. It can increase when the merged companies offer a wider selection of products and services, as they can do so more efficiently because of economies of scale. But variety can also be compromised if the branding of the merged businesses requires them to remove some or a set of their products from the market.

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Surprising Oil Industry Myths That People Still Believe Today

The oil industry is both old and massive. Oil itself has been described as the mother of all products. Almost everything people see and use today has some oil footprint. Meanwhile, a lot of information on the product and the industry has been going around the internet. Some are true and some are false. Here are some of the myths that people have to stop believing in:

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Oil companies and stratospheric profits

With oil prices rising, and with just about everyone using and everything being made of oil, it’s easy to believe that oil companies are making a killing. This isn’t true. Taxes are pretty steep for oil companies, and eat into a huge chunk of the profits.

People and gas-powered vehicles

Because of soaring gas prices, a lot of individuals are choosing to believe that everyone no longer wants a car. This is false. Most people still prefer gas-powered cars. However, the number of environmentally-conscious car owners are opting for electric vehicles.

Image source:foodandwaterwatch.org

The dangers of fracking

Just how dangerous is fracking?  It’s probably as dangerous as any industrial process.  But with safety measures being implemented, the amount of casualties should be kept to a minimum.  As for its environmental impact, though it does produce its own share of pollutants, fracking is not as harmful as many small environmental groups claim it to be.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

The Kind Of Leadership That Makes Startups Grow

Startups evolve into successful enterprises largely because of the leadership that is in place. One must meet the demands of a huge task of leading a startup to victory.

A leader must be flexible. Realistically, managing a startup will inevitably come to a point wherein consequences are not always favorable. As growing pains are normal in this type of business model, a leader must be able to bend himself as the unpredictable challenges come.

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Humility is also essential in startup leadership. A true leader owns up to his mistakes and is generous with praise to his subordinates when the startup succeeds. A leader understands that they must be ready to provide support and motivation to their people, even if they do not get to enjoy the credit.

Proper leadership in the startup business is also characterized with decisiveness. The leader must make sound decisions for the company every day, and they must be quick to recognize windows of opportunity that will allow them to make decisions fast.

A good leader is also a visionary. However, a leader does not keep the vision to themselves. They must be able to encourage the people around them to make the dream their own so that each step toward success is motivated by an individual’s emotional investment. This can be quite an unstoppable force once it gets going.

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It is not easy to have all of these qualities from the very start. However, leadership can be learned if one has the willingness to make himself better each day.

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