Monday, 10 April 2017

The Kind Of Leadership That Makes Startups Grow

Startups evolve into successful enterprises largely because of the leadership that is in place. One must meet the demands of a huge task of leading a startup to victory.

A leader must be flexible. Realistically, managing a startup will inevitably come to a point wherein consequences are not always favorable. As growing pains are normal in this type of business model, a leader must be able to bend himself as the unpredictable challenges come.

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Humility is also essential in startup leadership. A true leader owns up to his mistakes and is generous with praise to his subordinates when the startup succeeds. A leader understands that they must be ready to provide support and motivation to their people, even if they do not get to enjoy the credit.

Proper leadership in the startup business is also characterized with decisiveness. The leader must make sound decisions for the company every day, and they must be quick to recognize windows of opportunity that will allow them to make decisions fast.

A good leader is also a visionary. However, a leader does not keep the vision to themselves. They must be able to encourage the people around them to make the dream their own so that each step toward success is motivated by an individual’s emotional investment. This can be quite an unstoppable force once it gets going.

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It is not easy to have all of these qualities from the very start. However, leadership can be learned if one has the willingness to make himself better each day.

Luis Manuel Ramirez is the current CEO of TodoModo. He is a recognized growth leader with extensive experience in various industries. For more advice on business, visit this page.

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