Friday, 13 January 2017

What Does It Take To Be a Part Of The Fortune 100?

Making it to the list of Fortune magazine’s list of top companies to work for is the goal of many companies. Being a part of the Fortune 100, 500, or 1000 is taken today as a sure index of success. But before going further, what does it mean to make it to such lists?

The prestigious Fortune 100 names the top 100 public and private companies in the US based on reported annual figures. These are also the top companies that people should aspire working for. Those who are seeking employment set their sights on some of these companies because they are known to have a great working environment while providing enviable benefits for their employees.

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To be part of this elite group, a business has to be known for its outstanding management, productivity, and output. For strategies to be implemented, the expertise of leaders is necessary. With their direction, they can bring improvement to their employees and provide excellent output for their companies.

Certain leadership qualities become the guiding direction of some companies in pursuing prestige. For instance, Todo Modo Group’s CEO Luis Manuel Ramirez, whose company focuses on the oil and energy sector, became part of the Fortune 100 through his strength as a growth leader. He is able to establish the necessary vision and strategies to grow global, billion-dollar portfolios. With his many years in the industry, he continues to have great enthusiasm for solving big problems and creating commercial opportunities for global companies.

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